Date in History: 1893-1919

Over the years every Fort Atkinson High School graduating class has adopted a class motto. One can only wonder what the parents and school administrators thought of the student’s choice in 1893 – “Behold! We Know Not Anything.” Despite our landlocked location, a nautical theme managed to dominate the early 20th century with 1900’s “Out of the Bay and into the Ocean,” and 1903’s motto “Launched, Not Anchored.”

I’m not sure just what the class of 1915 was going for with the motto “Be Square,” but two years later, the 1917 class was very hip and maybe a bit ahead of their time with the slogan “Keep On Keeping On.” Finally, a little bit of reality crept into the 1919 class with the motto, “Never Say Can’t till You’re Dead.”

This historic document aired on the radio as an Historic Minute on 09/15/2003.