Date in History: 1927

The following article appeared in the September 9th, 1927 edition of the Jefferson County Union. “The dance hall committee of the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met in the office of the District Attorney last week and agreed that Sunday night dances be allowed in Jefferson County in so far as the county dance hall ordinance is concerned. Permits for dances will be issued with the understanding that dancing on Sunday night be extremely orderly and that all dances be conducted very quietly.

The committee took such action owing to the fact that surrounding counties hold Sunday night dances, thereby attracting the young people of Jefferson County. The committee feels that the Jefferson county dances can be conducted as orderly if not more so, than those of surrounding counties, and believes their action will tend to keep the young folks with reach of their parents.”

This historic document aired on the radio as an Historic Minute on 05/10/2004.