Date in History: 1895 – 1927

“White as snow, smooth as glass, clean as innocence,” was the slogan for the newly opened laundry business of Savall & Wiring in downtown Fort Atkinson. Opened in 1895, the laundry occupied a 28 x 60’ brick building on S. Water Street East. By 1910, they employed 12 people with delivery and pickup available throughout the city. The business was so popular that the local newspaper touted that home washing could become a thing of the past for many families.

Savall & Wiring sold the laundry in 1921 and the name was changed to Fort Steam Laundry. The original building burned to the ground in 1927, taking with it 75 baskets of family laundry due to be delivered the morning of the fire.

This historic document aired on the radio as an Historic Minute on 08/25/2003.