In 1883 while surveying the Scuppernong Marsh, Milo Jones contracted a case of rheumatism that would cripple him for life. Confined to a bedroom off the Jones’ farmhouse kitchen, Milo watched every fall as the family butchered a couple of pigs and made sausages using his mother’s famous Vermont recipe.

After a few years it occurred to Milo that they should make a little extra sausage to sell. At first orders were taken from neighbors and just enough sausage was made each year. But news of the delicious meat soon spread and sales continued to grow. Finally, a direct mail advertising campaign introducing Jones’s Little Pig into Chicago high society ensured the success of the business. Now it its 114th year of operation, Jones Dairy Farm is still a family-operated, Fort Atkinson business.

This historic document aired on the radio as an Historic Minute on 10/06/2003.