Date in History: 04/09/1968

Thirty-five years ago, on a cold and overcast Tuesday morning, Fort Atkinson Police Officer David McKee dove into the cold and muddy waters of the Rock River to rescue a frightened boy who had fallen into the river from the railroad bridge. McKee reached the boy and was bringing him to shore when the frigid water became too much for him. Despite the heroic efforts of the athletic 38-year-old officer, both he and the boy drowned on that terrible day.

David McKee was a fourteen-year veteran of the police force and a popular officer actively involved in youth sporting activities and scouts. At an earlier awards ceremony, he was praised for always extending a helping hand to the youngsters of Fort Atkinson.

On April 9th, 1968 the only Fort Atkinson Police officer to die in the line of duty, died the way he had lived -serving youth. David McKee left behind a wife and six young sons. His oldest son was 16 years old – the same age as the boy he so bravely tried to rescue.

This historic document aired on the radio as an Historic Minute on 04/07/2003.