Fort Koshonong Rendezvous

Memorial Day weekend, May 27-28, all day

The Hoard Museum will be the sponsoring organization of the Fort Koshkonong Rendezvous at Rock River Park. The theme of the 24th Annual Rendezvous is the Heritage of Steel and Wool. Come see how spinning and metalwork shaped the frontier experience of Wisconsin. Meet with interpreters who will discuss and demonstrate blacksmith techniques and spinners who will turn raw materials into yarn. After talking with costumed demonstrators, you will have a newfound appreciation of ready-made clothes and metal supplies.

Other activities include black powder shooting and competition, pioneer demonstrations, interactive old-time chores, horse-drawn carriage rides, and more! Come experience an authentic reenactment of life as demonstrators show what life was like in the 1800s.

Admission: $4/adult     $2/child       free for children under 4 and under and anyone in period dress!

Call the Museum office at (920) 563-7769 if you have any questions about the 24th Annual Fort Koshkonong Rendezvous!